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Directed by Marco van Geffen.  In job for Shitart and Daughter and Dog, who did the Production Design, (Marieken van Huijstee and Melinda Tusza. Elfie films contributed as a senior art assistant for this project. 

'"Een Moord Kost Meer Levens" is a true story, narrated through the eyes of Paul Spruit and written by Peter R. de Vries. Originally published in 1994, he dubbed it as 'his best book.' The series "Een Moord Kost Meer Levens" provides a unique insight into the 1980s, taking the viewer into the skin and mind of (the murderer) Paul Spruit. He led a shocking and tumultuous life. The series offers a glimpse into Paul's world: does where you are born determine your fate, or do you have control over your own destiny?'

Directed by Elfie van de Mosselaer.  Director of Photography as Kevin Schenker, Art Direction by Olga Malinowska., Floor Managing by Harry Pot. Cast Giel van Asten and Zoë Loen. 

When a young couple is trying to prepare for a pregnancy, the soon-to-be father is struggling to share his insecurities of becoming a father with his partner. Maybe if he opens up, he doesn’t have to carry this weight on his shoulders. But how is the question.  

Directed by  Lara Sluyter.  Production design by Elfie van de Mosselaer. Produced by Sapphire Films. 
Als klasgenoten op een internationale kunstacademie lijken Zaya en Livie het tegenovergestelde van elkaar. Zaya is stil en ietwat eenzaam en Livie is populair en uitbundig. Als ze een voorzichtige samenwerking aangaan om voor een schoolopdracht een poëziefilm te maken, waarin ze elkaars geliefde spelen, merken ze dat ze zich onverwachts tot elkaar aangetrokken voelen–zowel voor als achter de camera. 

Directed by Bastiaan Rook. Production design by Elfie van de Mosselaer. Produced by Bleck Media. 
A cozy restaurant. A jubilant couple. More downs than ups the last couple of years and then, a mental bomb which explodes. Eline Havenaar and Sytse Faber are seen in this short horrorfilm called Amy and I, directed by Bastiaan Rook. 


Directed, shot and edited by Elfie van de Mosselaer. A teaser for MoMo festival 2022. 

What if love didn't exist? Where would we be? Where would we go? 

Directed, shot and edited by Elfie van de Mosselaer.
An biographical autonomous project  on the song Love$ick by A$ap Rocky and Mura Masa. 

A film about self-hate due to a break-up. The search for feeling love again by filling a void but actually it should come from yourself. 

Directed, written by Elfie van de Mosselaer.
An intern commercial for Campina.
Beer? No we rather drink Campina. 


  • Silence Undone,  fiction film Kristjan Knigge as set-dresser. 

  • Set-dresser for Monkey Meets Tiger, Koud, Een Ontsnapping and Week. 

  • Assistant production designer for 'De Nestvlieder'. 

  • Social media manager for 'De Nestvlieder' by Martine van der Kolk.

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